Saturday, 27 October 2012

Why I submit.

I've thought about this a lot lately. There are a number if things I get out of submission.

1. Order- by following his lead, I know where I am and where I stand. I know the things that are expected of me and what I can rely on him to do.
2. Safety- I'm not the first person to look out for my own safety and past experiences have shown me that I'm not so good at protecting myself. By submitting to my husband and following his rules I am able to remain safe both physically and mentally.
3. Stability- whilst I can be a very strong person on my own. I think it's really important to have one leader... Ever heard the saying "too many chiefs, not enough Indians" ? Bit like the Australian government at the moment.  The whole Gillard vs Rudd thing. Constant power struggles when your supposed to be on the same team is stupid. It weakens everything.
4. Love-  the more I submit, the more loved I feel. Why? Because when he gives me something, helps me, supports me, comforts me or is intimate with me, I know that it isn't being done to 'keep the peace' it is 100% out of love.

Submitting makes my life easier and more comfortable, and we both feel completely loved. We agreed to have it this way. If I don't submit, I am not showing that I care enough about him or the harmony in our relationship.



  1. "Constant power struggles when you're supposed to be on the same team is stupid. It weakens everything."

    I completely agree with these two sentences in your post. Bickering over who's right or who's wrong, having to get the last word, trying to "one up" each other, etc. just causes problems. It certainly does weaken things when you can't communicate with one another. You summarized it well with those two sentences.

    Great post, C.

    -- Clint

  2. Its lovely when we find the order that works for us in our dynamics :o) One element I love about d/s is that it takes our the struggle for power and (for us) it causes a stronger balance to emerge :o)
    Welcome to blogland!